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FAO, OIE, WHO, UNDP and resource partners kick off the allocation of funds to combat against AMR

This week, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) held the first Steering Committee Meeting of the Antimicrobial Resistance Multi-Partner Trust Fund, a crucial step towards the initiation of the Fund and the implementation of activities. 

L-R: Jennifer Topping (UNDP), Hanan Balkhy (WHO), Monique Eloit (OIE) and Maria Helena Semedo (FAO) at the launch of the Fund in The Netherlands on 19 June 2019

Paris, 19 March 2020 - The OIE was joined by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Development Program Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office and resource partners as representatives of the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Multi-Partner Trust Fund Steering Committee. The Committee is tasked with providing strategic direction to the Fund, allocating resources to support the implementation and evaluation of activities in pilot countries.

The AMR Multi-Partner Trust Fund supports the long-standing Tripartite partnership between FAO, OIE and WHO to combat the rising global threat of AMR through a One Health Approach. The fund was generously supported by the Governments of The Netherlands and Sweden during its launch and is happy to announce the recent contribution of the United Kingdom to the fund. Thanks to their contributions, the Fund has been able to launch the first Call for Concept Notes to address AMR priorities. The concept notes on Tripartite projects in pilot countries were reviewed during the first Steering Committee Meeting.

A total of 13 concept notes have been received and reviewed by the Steering Committee in this first round, and they demonstrate the continued effective cooperation of the Tripartite and national partners. Activities proposed are strongly linked to the implementation of National Action Plans on AMR and include an ambitious range of activities to support the achievement of cross-sectoral One Health outcomes. The outcomes of the Steering Committee meeting have resulted in the selection of priority interventions, particularly at country level which will benefit from the mobilisation of Trust Fund resources through the Tripartite organisations.

The funding appeal of the AMR Multi-Partner Trust Fund is to be used for the implementation of Tripartite AMR priorities, particularly in providing technical support to countries designing and implementing National Action Plans on AMR and to scale up national action.

The Fund’s pathway to that success entails activities ranging from awareness raising and contributing to the development of National Action Plans to surveillance of AMR trends and better ensuring responsible antimicrobial sales and use patterns.

Inaction, due to policy or implementation inadequacies, threatens to make common infections more difficult to treat and lifesaving medical procedures and treatments riskier to perform. Inaction could also raise food insecurity and rural poverty, when animal illnesses can no longer be effectively treated using veterinary medicines.

The Fund provides a joint mechanism for clear attribution and transparency of all sources of finance, while its activities will be based on the application of best practices, scaling up activities that have worked and innovative approaches to ensure that today’s cures are available for future generations. 


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